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Every one of us has a dream and the imagination to paint with initially. But over time, our dream may have gone dormant because of lack of development, resources, encouragement or simply the skills to make your dream a reality.

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Many solopreneurs, small businesses, ministry professionals are ready to revive their dream this year or take it to the next level. We invite you to partner with us at Scribere Creative and build your brand, open the door to new markets or simply gain new exposure on the Internet. Read More

Testimonial: Shame to Glory Ministries, Inc. "You have created a website for us that speaks the message, and I absolutely love it! ...I will be sure to refer you to others. You provide excellent work and excellent customer service...It looks sooo professional and we do appreciate that." Patricia Harris, Author/Conference Speaker


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Scribere Creative Upgrades

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Author and Principal Developer of Scribere Creative Earma Brown noticed a good stream of traffic from Facebook and other places. Realizing afresh greater focus means greater profit, she wanted to streamline her service offerings for her targeted visitors. Mrs. Brown wanted it to be obvious the promotion of her latest book and what services she specialized in.

As a solution, SC streamlined her menu bars. Every menu button was examined for purpose and marketability. They added side, footer, page and sub-level menus. They made sure the main specialty services were highlighted with news style ads, test links and graphical ads. The main social site links were added.

Butterfly Press Upgrades Website

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Butterfly Press Upgraded WebsiteButterfly Press wanted an upgraded website to position better in the online market for publishing clients. They said, “We want to create a next level website that will make the aspiring author want to see their book in the line up.” Mother company Arrow Productions partnered with them and provided a flash slideshow with high graphic ads sure to grab attention. Then under that slideshow they presented a line up of featured books to help put BP’s best foot forward with showing potential clients what they can do. See the solution provided to Butterfly Press at

Mini Sales Site for Writing a Book Gods Way

Posted in: Authors, Blog, Projects, Web Design, Websites, Your Website by Editor on August 11, 2010 | No Comments

Publisher Inner Court Publishing commissioned Sribere Creative to build a mini-site to sell one of their newest book releases Writing a Book God’s Way, a Christian edition of the 100 Days to a Book writing program books. They wanted an old world look that matched or blended to complement the book cover design. They planned that the book cover design would be placed in the header for added brand recognition.  The payment links are linked with one of Arrow Production’s online shopping carts that is currently promoting the WABGW book. To see the solution provided for Inner Court Publishing visit here

5 Website Mistakes That May Stamp LOSER on Your Website

Posted in: Blog, Getting Started, Website Tips, Your Website by Editor on June 14, 2010 | No Comments

Now your small business web site can be used as an effective marketing tool. Used in the right way, it can spear-head many successful marketing campaigns for you in the near future. Are you making this mistake with your small business web site? Too many small business owners look at their web site as an online brochure. They use it as little more than a place to store their office hours and service list.

A different way has emerged. Now your small business web site can be used as an effective marketing tool. Used in the right way, it can spear-head many successful marketing campaigns for you in the near future.

To begin, effectively use your web site to attract leads and customers; use it to let prospective clients know who you are. Offer valuable content related to your expertise. Attract them back over and over like bees to honey. Soon you will become Top-Pick over your competition.

Did you know that many of your prospects (even locally) will type your business name or web site name in Google to see what you offer? Often they are looking to see what you offer compared to your competitor. Recently, Calif. based USC Annenberg School said from 2005 research, 78.6 Americans go online. An almost equally large percentage 72.3 say that the search engines provide whatever information they are looking for.

To make your small business Web site more effective, go through this short checklist and tweak it for better results. Or if you are just starting, now is the perfect time to put your Internet marketing plan into place to see new quarter profits.

Stay open to learn what it takes to put the right sales language and content on your site bringing more targeted visitors (visitors looking for what you have to offer.) Know the robots of the various search engines examine web sites daily looking for good key word food, free information, and content.

Correct these small business web site mistakes and make more profit:

Mistake 1 No sales letter(s).

Solution: Novice Internet marketers don’t even know they need a sales letter for their services and products. They missed the foundational marketing message that said, “Only words sell. Flashy even great looking websites don’t convince anyone to call, email you and foremost of all buy. Only words can do that. Write a sales letter for each service or product you offer. Give your web site visitors a reason why they should buy from you.

Mistake 2 No or poorly written headlines to point the way

Solution: Put headlines filled with benefits on your home page to direct people to your sales letter. Develop the skill of writing headlines. Provocative titles will stir interest. Provocative statements capture our attention like a fish on a hook. They throw out the baited hook and reel a captive audience in every time. For example, here’s a shocking statement one sex therapist used ‘Wives Who Don’t Want Sex.’ Even if his web visitors didn’t have this problem, it got the attention of the curious. Rewrite your headlines. Make sure they lead your prospects to your sales page.

Mistake 3 No testimonials or case studies

Add Testimonials. Most everyone wants to know who else has used your service and had a good experience. Testimonials speak up for your product or service. They act as a referral and even an endorsement. The compliments from another customer help melt away your prospect’s fears and doubts about trusting you.

Mistake 4 No compelling reason to keep reading

You may have been awarded for the most beautiful site. Congratulations! But if your web site copy is weak it may not translate to sales. Check your copy for dud phrases. Are you using trite phrases like Welcome to the official site of _____, to find out about ME, MY Company, My Achievements click here, or Sign-up for my FREE ezine. Use wording that will convince your prospects to keep reading, trust you and take action. Insert benefit loaded headlines, bullets and even links.

Mistake 5 Not enough benefits (what in it for me) on home page

Put your resume, bio and credentials on your About Us page or even the Contact page. You customer wants to know the answer to this question first. “what’s in it for me?” Don’t get me wrong; put them in their proper place on your site. But your audience will most want to know the value of your product to them. You must answer questions like, “Will it solve my particular problem?” “What will I gain?” “What will I lose if I don’t use your service?”

If you are serious about making your website a more effective marketing tool, begin by correcting the top five mistakes above. Even one or all of the principles in place will help make your website one that your visitors will contact you from, proudly refer, and come back to over and over again. Write compelling copy and grow your business today.


©Earma Brown, 15 yr. Web Developer, Author, Service Business Owner. Helps service business owners, and writers with full featured hosting, domain names, websites and a host of other web solutions. Send any email to for free ezine Web Wit and mini-course ‘Jumpstart Your Website to Success’ or visit

Blog – Website

Posted in: Authors, Projects, Web Design, Websites, Your Website by Editor on June 9, 2010 | No Comments

Publisher Inner Court Publishing commissioned Scribere Creative to build a blog for the WOW! Book. They wanted the feminine look with a classy look for the WOW! message and book. The author would post articles, videos and other writings to grow and attract her existing readership. Visit for the solution.

How to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website Systematically

Posted in: Authors, Blog, Small Business, Website Tips, Website Traffic, Your Website by Editor on February 24, 2010 | No Comments

Have you ever been on the see-saw of business profits? Many service business professionals experience the ebb & flow of business (commonly called the feast-famine cycle) A client recently asked, “How can I attract an even flow of business? I get so frustrated with being overwhelmed with work one week and famished the next. I know I should market. Yet when I get busy with clients my marketing slips and I slide into the famine cycle.”  To help avoid the famine cycle, create a system to attract people to your website. Take full advantage of the powerful ways to attract people to your website consistently:

1. Put valuable free content on your website. Seek to educate your audience. Help them make more money, cut costs or solve their problems. Examples include: online assessments, how to tips, short reports, resource lists, how-to tutorials, dictionary of terms in your field, etc.
2. Write articles. Every service professional should use this marketing tool. Submit to publishers in your targeted market. Make sure its one your audience reads. For example, your local Chamber of Commerce newsletter or large trade journals in your field. Do you need help getting started with your informative article in your field? Click here for easy steps to write articles.
3. Develop your newsletter. Stir interest. Use your newsletter to draw your readers back like bees to a honeycomb. Post new valuable information and offers. They will return again and again.
4. Use your advertising space to point to free information. Most people want to take their time with getting to know you. So instead of trying to fit a whole sales message in a few line, use your advertising as bait to hook your audience.
5. Put website address and special offer on printed materials. Make an offer that drives people to your site. For example, put your URL and offer for free web assessment on your business card. Or put your URL and offer for your emini-course inside your brochure.

Website traffic is considered the life-blood of your online marketing. No traffic equals no sales. Put the above tips to practice and get consistent traffic to avoid the famine cycle.

©Earma Brown, 15 yr. Web Developer, Author, Business Owner
Helps service business owners, and writers build their online presence and brand to create multiple streams of income.

Small Business Website – Your MedSource

Posted in: Blog, Projects, Small Business, Web Design, Websites, Your Website by Editor on January 30, 2010 | No Comments

Small Business Website - Your MedSourceYour MedSource, Inc. (Texas & Ohio), a medical billing and practice management company wanted a new and fresh look for their existing web Site. YMS charged Scribere Creative with the goal of bringing visual interest and their logo colors to the web presentation of their company. Staying with the clean lines of design associated with the healthcare industry, AP chose select colorful photos to enhance their site and answer their desire for color. Review the solutions designed to help YMS increase the visual appeal of their existing website. Visit the site for the soulutions designed for YMS (coming soon).

Website Browns Tree Care

Posted in: Blog, Graphic Design, Projects, Small Business, Web Design, Websites, Your Website by Editor on January 27, 2010 | No Comments

Small Business Website - Browns Texas Arboriculture

Browns Tree Care, Inc. again partnered with Scribere Creative to develop a website for its Houston office (Browns Texas Arboriculture). They wanted the new website to flow with the home office website but uniquely different. It had to be able to stand alone and pull customers without any obvious connections with home office. SC developed the new website with similiar colors but with lots more Watch Me Work slideshows to show expertise to a growing market.  Visit here to view the solutions provided for Browns Texas Arboriculture. 

Author Website – Charles Rosson

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Inner Court Publishing commissioned Scribere Creative to develop a website that the fans and readers of Author Charles Rosson could visit to receive information and updates about his new book So You Want to Prophesy.  SC developed a site to flow with the book’s colors and portray a masculine undertone.

Author Paul Bibbs Website

Posted in: Authors, Projects, Websites by Editor on January 23, 2010 | No Comments

Truth In Action Ministries

Truth In Action Ministries chose Scribere Creative
(service of AP for authors) to partner with in building their online presence. Founder Paul Bibbs wanted to prepare for the release of his new ebook “Behold The Bride Groom Cometh! and build a database of interested web visitors for his subscription online Bible Studies and End time Prophecy ministry. Visit online for the solutions developed for TIAM and its founder Paul Bibbs.

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