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Book Ad Banners for Small Press

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Prayer Book Coming Soon Banner                                                                                                            

Inner Court Publishing an indie company wanted banners rotating in their website’s home page to announce their new releases. Also, they would be placed in several photo display websites to add further exposure.

Book Marks were a hit at Book Table In Chicago

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At the Family Event hosted in Chicago at the Crowne Plaza O’Hare Hotel, Butterfly Press was asked to host a book table. The folks at BP asked Scribere Creative to design bookmarks for the respective books at their table as well as supply bookmarks for the book table of  family member and Author Marie Broadway Toms. The bookmarks were a hit at the book tables in the Windy City (Chicago.)

Stop Killing Your Book Sales With Wrong Thinking!

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Capture Visitor Information 

A common book marketing success dream-killer is not developing the ability to convert your visitors into customers. Most newbie marketers think, if I could just get people to my site, they will see my wonderful book and buy instantly. Sometimes that’s true if they are well targeted through your marketing. But most of the time people need convincing that your service or your book is going to solve their problem.

Expert Researchers have proven that it takes at least 5-7 exposures to your offer before a prospect will buy. So your main objective after generating targeted traffic is to capture their contact information. (For example, you would entice visitors to sign-up for your mailing list or newsletter.)

Since the majority of your visitors will not order on their first visit, capturing their contact information enables you to follow-up with them. Following up with them creates multiple exposures to your web site and the potential of additional sales.

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