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Book Cover Design – A Gem Picked From A Pocket Of Dust

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Book Cover Design for Butterfly Press Imprint Family Heritage

Butterfly Press partnered with Scribere Creative to create a book cover to illustrating the story of a Ugandan family history in the memoirs of Molly Tumusiine Abala. The designer used the symbolic imagery of the larger than life sunset with a train of elephants marching through the cover. The African earth tone colors brown, organge and yellow were incorporated into the design. The acacia tree and the muddy background

on the back cover with blood red streaks suggest the ugliness of poverty that the Ugandan family overcome.

Book Description
Interesting, triumphant and at times unexpectedly heartbreaking, A Gem Picked From A Pocket of Dust is an engaging true story about a courageous little girl dreaming to become a nurse in the midst of a country village stricken with poverty and lack of public services.

Born and raised in rural Uganda, Molly Tumusiine Abala was the first daughter of illiterate parents. Tremendous odds of growing up in an impoverished village community and crippling traditions of marrying off young girls

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and gender predujices in education threatened to destroy her future before it began.
As a young girl, she watched whole sections of her community wiped out by diseases, now known to be preventable with access to clean water and knowledgeable health care.

In the midst of an impoverished village of proud Ugandans stuck between a resistant past and an impatient future, Tumusiine Abala soon began to emerge as an independent thinker.

Book Cover Design – The Journey

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Book Cover Design for book The Journey by Eugene Broadway

Butterfly Press commissioned a book cover for Eugene Broadway’s new book ‘The Journey’. The second family history book also incorporated a painting of family artist Danny Broadway. The cover colors were again reminisenct and symbolic of family ancestry racial mix of African American, Cherokee Indian and White. The book is scheduled to release in early 2012.

Book Description:
The Journey book at continues the Broadway family’s journey from slaves

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to their lives as freedmen with new opportunities, gaining land, losing land and more. Author Eugene Broadway takes the common threads uncovered by Author Marie Tom’s (Broadway Generations) and unravels several more family heritage mysteries. The candid accounts of family life, interviews and stories from other Broadway family members cover everything from life events during slavery, freedmen transistions, Civil Rights Movements and more. On the journey, Mr. Broadway takes his readers to the very plantation house site the Broadway family originated from. He goes on to introduce several new ancestors and unexpected facts and finds not revealed in previous Broadway Generations book…The Journey is an entertaining read for any African American

family enthusiast as well as all Broadway family members.

Author Website – Grace A. Burke

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Author Grace Burke's New WebsiteAuthor and Theological Doctor Grace Burke published her second book, a children’s novel. She wanted a new website to house and display her current and upcoming book releases along with other products. She partnered with Scribere Creative to create a web presentation that would attract new readers as well as keep her current fans and readers plugged into her projects. SC chose complementary colors and a heavenly style to showcase Dr. Burke’s newest book release, a novel called The Stranger’s Son and her associates products. A slideshow of book ads and an ad for her blog leads off the site. Also, on the front page SC displayed a graphical list of the projects, events, testimonies and more to entice the website’s visitors to explore. Visit the solution for Dr. Grace A. Burke at

Testimony: First of all, let me say that the website looks beautiful. You really did a great job on it. I like the color, the interactiveness, etc. My husband likes it too. –Dr. Grace A. Burke

Women of Worth Blog Website Combo

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WOW! Blog - Website ComboAuthor and Principal Developer of Scribere Creative Earma Brown commissioned SC developers to create traditional and effective salespage for front of mini book sites.
This re-arrangement would open opportunity for better sales and put the blog on back side for later article marketing.

As a solution, SC used complementary and matching colors for the sales page and blog pages.

Visit the WOW! Women of Worth mini site/blog at |

Living the Prayer Fulfilled Life Website Combo

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Living the Prayer Fulfilled Life Blog/MiniSite ComboAuthor and Principal Developer of Scribere Creative Earma Brown commissioned SC developers to create traditional and effective sales page for front of mini book sites. This re-arrangement would open opportunity for better sales and put the blog on back side for later article marketing.

As a solution, SC used complementary and matching colors for the sales page and blog pages.

Visit Living the Prayer Fulfilled Life mini site/blog at  |

Scribere Creative Upgrades

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Author and Principal Developer of Scribere Creative Earma Brown noticed a good stream of traffic from Facebook and other places. Realizing afresh greater focus means greater profit, she wanted to streamline her service offerings for her targeted visitors. Mrs. Brown wanted it to be obvious the promotion of her latest book and what services she specialized in.

As a solution, SC streamlined her menu bars. Every menu button was examined for purpose and marketability. They added side, footer, page and sub-level menus. They made sure the main specialty services were highlighted with news style ads, test links and graphical ads. The main social site links were added.

Butterfly Press Opens Online Store

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Butterfly Press StoreButterfly Press was seeking to implement a more robust backend system for selling their books online. According to BP their current online store was missing the WOW factor that the upgraded website had and was not delivering a smooth checkout system for their customers. Butterfly Press chose to team with Scribere Creative to help upgrade their online shop in looks and the backend systems. They wanted the smooth checkout and easy to manage backend for the store manager. SC setup an online store for Butterfly Press using the Interspire cart. The Interspire cart with its new Web 2.0 features including Facebook & YouTube to help include book trailers and more on the sales page. The folks at BP were especially excited about the Facebook feature that would help give added exposure and help their authors build community around their book. Visit to see the solutions provided to Butterfly Press and its growing family of authors.

Butterfly Press Upgrades Website

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Butterfly Press Upgraded WebsiteButterfly Press wanted an upgraded website to position better in the online market for publishing
clients. They said, “We want to create a next level website that will make the aspiring author want to see their book in the line up.” Mother company Arrow Productions partnered with them and provided a flash slideshow with high graphic ads sure to grab attention. Then under that slideshow they presented a line up of featured books to help put BP’s best foot forward with showing potential clients what they can do. See the solution provided to Butterfly Press at

Mini Sales Site for Writing a Book Gods Way

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Publisher Inner Court Publishing commissioned Sribere Creative to build a mini-site to sell one of their newest book releases Writing a Book God’s Way, a Christian edition of the 100 Days to a Book writing program books. They wanted an old world look that matched or blended to complement the book cover design. They planned that the book cover design would be placed in the header for added brand recognition. The payment links are linked with one of Arrow Production’s online shopping carts that is currently promoting the WABGW book. To see the solution provided for Inner Court Publishing visit here

Book Ad Banners for Small Press

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Prayer Book Coming Soon Banner
Inner Court Publishing an indie company wanted banners rotating in their website’s home page to announce their new releases. Also, they would be placed in several photo display websites to add further exposure.